Build Retargeting Audiences and Collect Leads With Every Link You Share

Linksterly is a dream come true for eCommerce Brands, Internet Marketers, and Social Media Influencers. Now, every time you share a link, you can shorten it, add retargeting pixels, add CTA to drive traffic or capturing leads, and measure the conversions - all of this done simply with Linksterly.

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Building Highly Targeted Audiences With Linksterly Is As Easy As...

Finding Click-Worthy Content

Building custom audiences with Linksterly is easy. You don't need to spend hours creating content. Simply find any click-worthy content you come across on the Internet; it could be a blog post, a Reddit post, or even a Youtube video.

Tweaking The Link Before You Share It

Now, this is where the magic starts... Within a few clicks, you can add retargeting pixels, a CTA overlay, even an opt-in form to any link you choose.

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Don't Be Like John - The Guy Who Shares Links The Wrong Way.

Meet John; a person who believes the key to success is providing what his audience loves to engage with.

John shared thousands of links to click-worthy content every single month... with the hope of getting something back from his effort.

Unfortunately, 90% of his effort yields nothing in return.

Since most of the links John shares are third-party content, he loses the chance to re-engage with everyone who clicks the links. He has no chance to retarget them with his ads; John simply loses them all.

That's just too bad for John.

This Could Be Better If John Uses Linksterly...

Every time John shares a link, he turns every click into a custom audience that he can target in the future.

And if he wants, John can also insert an eye-catchy CTA with an email opt-in form... so, that he can also build his email list at the same time.

With the custom audiences built with Linksterly, John always gets a higher CTR - for a lower CPC - whenever he runs an ad campaign. All this was made possible simply by changing the way he shares links on social media, blog posts, or in his ads.

Now, John loves to share valuable content with his audience more then ever before, and his audience always learns something new from every link John shares with them. See? It's a win-win for John and his audience!

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Here's how Linksterly helps you boost your marketing results

Linksterly for eCommerce Marketing

A crushing 97% of first time eCommerce visitors won't make a purchase - no matter how big your brand is, according to studies. But relax... there's nothing to worry about with Linksterly.

With Linksterly, you can easily retarget those who visit your products without making a purchase; and it works on any eCommerce platforms you use - even if you're selling products on Amazon or eBay.

Now for the best part...

Linksterly can help you drive traffic to your products fast, cheap, and easy - thanks to its CTA overlays feature. You only need to find viral content relevant to your products, add CTA on the link that will lead them to your landing page, and then share it with your audiences.

Whenever someone clicks on that link, they'll see your marketing messages on top of the content you share. That's awesome, right?

Linksterly for Affiliate Marketing

How great it would be if you can promote affiliate offers without creating any content - ever? Sounds like a dream come true?

If so, Linksterly will be the best affiliate marketing tool you've ever tried.

With Linksterly, you can use any relevant viral content to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. When someone visits the content you share, they'll see a CTA on a pop-up, or a banner that will drive them to your affiliate offers.

And that's not all!

Even if they don't make a purchase under your affiliate link immediately, you will have automatically added them to your custom audience list, so you can build trust and branding through your retargeting ad campaigns at a dirt cheap cost and ultimately close that sale.

Linksterly for Influencer Marketing

While it's nice to know that Influencer Marketing can deliver 11X higher ROI than a traditional marketing campaign, you may still want to get even more out of it... and that's exactly where Linksterly can help you.

With Linksterly, an influencer marketing campaign will be more than just promoting your brand.

While the influencers promote links to your website or any WebPages you choose, Linksterly will add anyone who clicked the link into your custom audiences, so you can target them again with your ads. (Yep, that's killing two birds with one stone)

What's more? It also helps you to easily track and measure the performance of influencer marketing campaign you run. No need to use another tracking tool. Linksterly got you covered!

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Linksterly designed to help you supercharge your business growth

Meet all the great features that make it possible...

Shorten links and turn them into a retargeting machines

There's no point in using long, ugly links. You'll waste space if you share them on Twitter. They'll look awful on mobile devices. And more importantly, those who are concerned about privacy, will not click the links that show signs of tracking tags.

So shorten them with Linksterly, and add retargeting pixels to any links you want. That way, you can keep sharing all the interesting content, while also building custom audiences you can target on your next ad campaign.

Use a Custom Domain on Any Links For Better Branding

While you can use our domain “” to shorten your links, we also allow you to use a custom domain to make your links match with your brand. Not just that; you can also easily customize the URL slug to be more user-friendly, like “your.domain/itsawesome”.

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Piggyback Off Relevant Viral Content To Collect Leads Fast, Cheap, And Easy

Linksterly allows you to add eye-catchy CTA overlays to your shortened links. So, whenever someone clicks your link, they'll see your marketing message on a pop-up, a banner, an opt-in form, or your own custom script code like a live chat.

Think of how easy it would be to generate leads with this great feature. No need to spend hours to create your own content anymore. Just find any relevant viral content, insert the CTA, and spread it to your audiences.

Yes, it's really that easy.

Insert Retargeting Pixels From All Major Advertising Platforms

We all love Facebook pixels. But sometimes, LinkedIn or Pinterest work better for your audience. Relax... no matter what advertising platform works best for your business, we've got you covered. Linksterly supports retargeting pixels from FaceBook, Twitter, Quora, Google, Linkedin and much more!

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Track, Measure and Analyze The Performance Of Your Links Across Multiple Platforms

You can track and analyze the overall clicks and conversions of all your links easily, inside the campaign manager. This feature will help you keep everything organized, and also aid in finding out which types of content that works best for your audiences.

In addition, you can also see all the referrer domains of each link you shorten. That way, you can completely eliminate the guess work, and find out which platforms work best for you.

Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that is right for you, no hidden charges

$29.00 / month
  • 5000 Total Clicks Pe Month
  • 5 Campaigns
  • 100 Links
  • 5 Call to Actions
  • 5 Audience Tracking Pixels
  • 5 Custom Code Scripts On Links
  • 1 Custom Domain
  • Analytics On Clicks & Conversions
Most Popular
$49.00 / month
  • 50000 Total Clicks Per Month
  • UNLIMITED Campaigns
  • 25 Call to Actions
  • 10 Audience Tracking Pixels
  • 20 Custom Code Scripts On Links
  • 5 Custom Domains
  • Analytics On Clicks & Conversions
$99.00 / month
  • 200000 Clicks Per Month
  • UNLIMITED Campaigns
  • UNLIMITED Call to Actions
  • 50 Audience Tracking Pixels
  • 100 Custom Code Scripts On Links
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • Analytics On Clicks & Conversions

5 Reasons You'll Love Linksterly

With Linksterly, you don't need to create your own content to grow your custom audiences. Simply find any relevant viral content, shorten the link, add pixels, and share it with your audience. That's it!
Once you start using Linksterly, whenever you run ads, you'll never waste your money to target random people - not anymore. Simply choose retargeting audiences you've built with Linksterly, so you can get more clicks for a lower cost.
Thanks to Linksterly's CTA overlays feature, you can piggyback off relevant viral content to spread your marketing messages. Simply find click-worthy content, shorten it with Linksterly, add CTA overlays, and share it to your audiences. Whenever someone clicks on your link, they'll see your marketing message on a pop-up, a banner, an opt-in form, or your own custom script code like a live chat.
Linksterly comes with complete features that blow away popular apps like Pixelme, Bitly, and Poplink. Everything you need from those apps is available inside Linksterly all in one. So, why investing in all those apps, if you can invest in one app and still get everything you need while saving money?
Whether you're on an iPad, a Chromebook, or even on an iPhone, Linksterly will work for you. So, whenever you stumble upon click-worthy content, you can shorten it to turn it into a retargeting machine, and then share it with your audiences. We'll never stop you from building a larger retargeting audience - anytime and anywhere you can.

Is It Really Worth A Try?

If you ask us, we would answer with a big resounding YES. But don't take our word for it; just listen to what our happy customers are saying:

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The ability to insert any type of call to actions to any website is what every marketer dream of doing

Keith Murphy

Retargeting made easy!, This platform made it super easy and effective to get potential clients from every link I share.

Erik Pearson

I love the fact that I have the freedom of customizing the links so that they are more tailored to suit my audiences and my needs!

Clara Scott